Monday, July 13, 2015


Eczema: those who have experienced it themselves or through their family, know that it is more than a rash. My son was just like any other kid with the softest skin and I would bathe him in organic soaps, I used soft washcloths and put little baby oil on his skin sometimes. I never thought much about his skin or the bathing routine. When he was 3 months, I started to notice red skin and a lot of scratching. I made sure his nails were trimmed. Even bought a bunch of mittens. The scratching episodes came and went.

We started a routine of coconut oil massage and bathing in colloidal oatmeal and slathering him with eczema creams ( babyganics, Aveeno baby eczema, honest ointment, Cetaphil). Only one at a time. I felt Cetaphil was the most helpful although I preferred organic and natural. Our pediatrician suggested 1% hydro-cortisone for my baby, however I felt that it is a steroid and they can't be good, did not use it. Later I realized that if  I had itch all over, would i not try anything to help right now? I was stopping my son from getting relief because of a worry that steroids can't be good. I know now that steroids are harmful when used long term but it is OK to use it sparingly in the short term. I like the idea of an "organic" life with most natural products, however, I realized that all the researchers are spending their lives coming up with the right concoction (or "chemicals" as one might say) in order to help with various ailments. 

Well, we thought that we have a good routine with coconut oil massage, oatmeal bath (no soap) and Cetaphil. But the day came that my son had scratched his neck so much that there was little drops of blood. This was probably the worst I had seen his skin ever. My husband and I discussed about homeopathy or Ayurvedic route. I tried a few concoctions of my own in the hope of giving his skin some relief. After applying this mask on his skin instead of the simple coconut oil massage, we bathed him in oatmeal and applied cetaphil as usual and decided to take a walk on Castro in Mountain View. I saw a Chinese herb store and stopped to see if i could find something for my son's skin. When I tried to show him my son's rashes, I couldn't find any. It seemed that my concoction worked! I considered selling it as an eczema skin mask however, with limited knowledge on how to get a product in market and limited time, I decided to write a blog so parents of other kids with eczema can try it. I hope it works for you,

Eczema Mask
1/2 cup plain Yogurt
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Oatmeal flour or colloidal oatmeal (enough to make a mask/ loose paste consistency

I have a full time job and a seasonal side business. This routine takes us a total of 15 minutes everyday and my son's skin has improved a lot. He does scratch sometimes but I apply coconut oil, Cetaphil or Ghee when i see his hand getting ready to scratch.